About Citizen Patriot Response

During the past century the American culture of dignity, independence and charity has slowly given way to a culture of irresponsibility, corruption, and malignant dependency on government. Our cultural values are deeply ingrained but, unless we actively promote them, we risk of losing them entirely.  Citizen Patriot Response is about reintroducing the culture of giving, developing a sense of self-reliance, and ultimately restoring prosperity to even our most broken communities—one relationship at a time.

Our Mission

To produce a broad cultural shift which replaces the culture of malignant dependency with a culture of giving by uniting charity minded Americans, cultivating relationships in needy communities, challenging the dependency model and maintaining a need fulfillment network.

What we do at Citizen Patriot Response

  • Work toward cultural change by promoting America’s traditional culture of giving and challenging the welfare state model and the culture of dependency it creates.
  • Promote social entrepreneurship by assisting, nurturing or incubating charitable projects.

Citizen Patriot Response was founded in 2011 by Andrew Breitbart, Catherine Engelbrecht, and Brandon Darby and is based in Houston, TX.